Wednesday, March 29, 2006

For sale: Several IDEs, one careful owner

Who will buy Borland's IDE products? My guess is no-one, certainly nobody who's actually interested in the IDE business. Somebody who wants some talented programmers perhaps but why would anyone in their right mind get into the IDE business. Delphi is a great product but it has some serious competition from Visual Studio, which is a loss leader for Microsoft. MS owns .NET and wants everybody to use it and doesn't much care if it makes money on its IDEs. Visual Studio Express is free and is probably good enough for quite a few people. Look at the figures in the UK for Delphi and C# jobs, Delphi is on life support. It is still the best development tool for native Windows desktop applications, but how big is that niche and how fast will it disappear? The other tool that may be of interest to buyers is JBuilder but that is losing out big time to Eclipse, because it's free and good enough. So good luck Borland and good luck Delphi, it was fun...

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