Thursday, March 02, 2017

Postcode data for February 2017

The ONS has released its latest postcode data, which is now on my site. I’ve run my usual sanity checks and it all seems to be in order, but let me know if you spot any anomalies.


Richy B said...

Have you got any details about the XX10 postcode range (from what I can tell, Royal Mail uses it for Tracked Returns from Amazon and Boohoo amongst others), but I can't actually find any information about it.

Chris Bell said...

I can't say I'm familiar with that one. It's not in the ONS data, so it's either very new or isn't considered a real postcode

Becs said...

Hi Chris,
Do you know if there is an open source database linking each no-longer-in-use postcode with its replacement in-use postcode? If not would you have any ideas how could this be achieved?

Chris Bell said...

Hi Becs
I don't know of one I'm afraid. I think it would require the full postcode data set down to the address level since there won't generally be a one to one match between old and new postcodes. That data isn't freely available so if anyone has done it, it's going to cost money

John said...

Hi Chris
A very useful site. Thank you. Is it possible to get back dated postcode sector data from you?
Thank you

Chris Bell said...


Sorry, I don't keep hold of historical data and don't really have a big enough server to start doing.